Element: FIRE - 2nd chakra - Always carry the Carnelian with you to enjoy all its physical, psychic and emotional benefits.

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Bracelet with CARNELIAN

Crystal Therapy

Always carry the Natural benefits of Carnelian with you thanks to these beautiful unisex bracelets,
therefore suitable for both women and men, from young to old

CORNELIAN - Element: Fire - concerns the sphere of energy and masculine strength (courage, will, purification, conquest)
CORNIOLA - Chakra: (Abdomen)

Benefits of Carnelian

- Mythology of Carnelian -

The red-brown variety is known in ancient times with the name of "Sardinian".
For the ancient Egyptians, the carnelian represented red symbol of life and had the task of accompany the dead during the journey to the afterlife, so we find it in the center of Tutankahmon's breastplate.
In the Middle Ages it was believed to have the power to facilitate blood coagulation and to calm anger . Hildegard von Bingen in the 12th century first distinguished brown carnelian from orange and recommended its use against headache and to facilitate childbirth in his treatise Physica.

- Carnelian effect on the body -

Carnelian is used:

  • for infuse energy and is very effective for abdominal problems
  • helps in digestion and in diseases of the intestine and liver
  • relieves kidney and gallbladder pain
  • soothes asthma and pains rheumatic
  • lower the blood pressure
  • helps prevent congestion
  • stimulates the process of blood purification
  • facilitates the good flow of blood to tissues and vital organs
  • helps to better eliminate toxins present in the body
  • can help in case of diarrhea
  • is recommended to search for fecundity
  • fortifies the eyes and maintains the youthful skin
  • strengthens the gums

- Effect on the psyche -


  • infuses vitality , optimism and cheerfulness
  • helps eliminate negative feelings such as hatred, envy and jealousy
  • improves the tone of the mood
  • puts us in close contact with the earth , and gives us joie de vivre, courage and strength
  • helps the concentration and those who feel confused and dissatisfied with their existence , because it facilitates integration into the world, realistic and concrete thinking, the desire for success
  • is able to induce to focus attention on the present so as to be able to focus well on the events in progress and thus become more productive
  • improves interpersonal relationships
  • helps to rediscover personal power in the physical world
  • increases creativity and sexuality
  • is the right stone to bring people who are "too spiritual" to appreciate and enjoy the physical world
  • gives stability and a sense of belonging to the unity of everything
  • stimulates the sense of justice , ethical principles and altruism
  • gives impulse to emotional life

Emotionally Carnelian: attracts love , creativity , motivation , helps defend against negative emotions, manage possessiveness and jealousy, reduce anxiety

- How to use the Carnelian -

Carnelian can be discharged after use under running water and recharged for a few hours in the sun.
To obtain lasting effects on the spiritual level, it is recommended to always carry the carnelian with you in close contact the skin even for long periods.
As regards physical therapy, it can be placed on the genital fascia, between the navel and pubic bone.

The bracelets will be shipped in an elegant bag

Benefits and other properties given are for information only and should not be used to replace medicines or treatments

Product details
Package Package consisting of: 1 19cm CARNELIAN elastic bracelet (pearl diameter 0,8cm) 1 elegant bag If you prefer you can also choose the ear of the box
How to use
Mode of use The material is a natural resource and is not artificially colored and therefore can be lighter or darker than that in photography. After days of use, it is advisable to drain the bracelet from the absorbed energies, putting it under running water

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