1elisir negozio attività commerciale cosmesi cosmetica vendita acquista

Have you got a Business?

Would you like to sell 1Elisir products in your store?

All the quality of Natural, Organic, Professional  products to expose and sell in your store


Goals and advantages

You can offer to your customers the opportunity to test the quality of our products and buy them directly in your store. Our products have a high customer return.


You Can..

  • Buy 1Elisir products (cosmetics, perfume, professional makeup, soap, oils, with the reserved Special discount of 45% (excluding VAT)
  • Buy NOT 1Elisir products with the reserved Special discount of 30% and 50% (excluding VAT)
  • Selling products earning immediately on the sale;
  • Buy wholesale with relative invoice on behalf of your business;
  • Ensure good quality of the products, with a high customer return;
  • Advice 1Elisir products with the professionalism that marks you obtaining an exponential increase of trust and esteem of the client that will be satisfied and happy so much to do a spontaneous word of mouth;

 Minimum invoiced 100€ (excluding VAT)

Gains on the sale

You can buy products through our e-commerce  with the reserved discount for commercial activities and sell them in your store. 

We recommend you to keep as a minimum sale price/advised that one on our online price list.


Buying at least 500 € of products for each order your store will be on the list of resellers of our brand, which is visible online on our website www.esteticaelavoro.it.

To start selling follow the steps below:

1. Sign up specifying the business name and VAT (where required),


Also Earns as our Affiliate

In addition to the gain derived from the sale of products in your store/business,
you can also become nostro Affiliate by opening a personal account, with the following extra advantages:

  • you can build customer loyalty passionate/tourist, that the first time will buy the product in your store and later can buy directly online on our e-commerce, presented by you, also guaranteeing you gains on his orders,
  • you can help who need to have an extra gain and want to promote 1Elisir products in entire Italy and abroad like you.