Do you want to transform your Passion for AESTHETIC and body care in a Gain?


We will take you step by step towards self-employment
that will help you to LIVE IN DIGNITY

If you are reading this page is definitely because you are interested in extra gain, perhaps in the Aesthetic area, cosmetics and body care.
We have the opportunity to help you letting you to become our AFFILIATE .


affiliazione cosmetica estetica affiliati programma


YOUR Gain will depend on
your passion for this area
and your constant coomitment
and a strong Motivation



Our project has foundations on a great motivation



I worked for years in Network Marketing  , almost ONLINE.
Networker's work (those who work in Network Marketing) is based on Word of mouth.  Making known the company and its products/services, "talking" with friends, colleagues, relatives, acquaintances, until you get to friends of friends and so on..

From the experience matured as Networker in my career I noticed though that fewer and fewer people were affected or could buy work tools (sampler of products). Several said they were not brought to make presentations at home of friends and acquaintances.  Many did not recognize in them the passion/talent for direct selling and as many did not feel fit to serve as the reference person/sponsor (having little time to study or few skills on Leader).

At the same time, in the last few years has increased dramatically the interest towards extra work to be done online, in their spare time, maybe from home with PC or phone and without restrictions or investments!

Hence the decision to turn my website, from advertising showcase, in an independent E-commerce. Due to the advice and help of colleagues and trusted friends, I aimed to create my project as worker for workers. Because we work with passion if we are happy with what we do and of the company we represent and there is no greater motivation than promoting with serenity, a healthy reality, young, made by workers.

I created a new project with the spirit and the will to bring the champagne on the table of my Affiliates, and this leads me to always look for new products and benefits to be included into the e-commerce and improve services that allow you to work online.

I wanted a direct line to the best of Italian cosmetics laboratories for realize products in our "1Elisir" brand, which would respond to the needs of our customers. We want to pamper the customer by getting the product in 24H to his house and sending & nbsp; testers for free in each pack, to always try something new.

To be able to make known all over Italy and Europe, the new line of products, I have studied a new compensation plan for our Affiliates, based on what I would like to get as a gain so that I could seriously and enthusiastically engage in a new activity.

Compensation plan is designed to ensure a high gain right now, without career plans only accessible to few, and therefore no pressure from above to achieve qualifications, but giving the opportunity to be rewarded with dignity for each single order.

Loving freedom I wanted to give complete autonomy to my staff, without limit them with restrictions and without manipulation and blackmail. Guidelines that are given are used exclusively to protect everyone's work and avoid personal initiatives that may result in unfair competition, or actions that dilute our brand and our project.

I wanted to remove the requirement of the kit/sample and monthly purchases for employees. Our affiliates will have, in fact, the opportunity to purchase the products either individually or as a set with a super discount, and also allowing the purchase of tester (at a trifling cost).

I am always available to listen to constructive criticism and suggestions that can improve our work, to the benefit of all.

Giovanni Manca - founder of EsteticaeLavoro and the line of products 1Elisir
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Become Affiliate


FREE membership and you do not require investments!
You will have a personal link to each page of the online store that allows you to create and publish posts in your profiles on social networks (pages, groups, circles,..)  to promote the products the advices and all categories..
Purchase our products for personal use with a special discount based on the order
You only need a few moments to share posts and links ready, and you can also do it by phone wherever you are
You can Earn up to 30% immediately on orders, distributed on 3 levels of depth
You will earn, so, both on derivative orders direct from your word of mouth, and from the indirect (made by your contact/customer that in its turn will begin to promote our e-commerce - sub-affiliate)

Compensation will be readily available and you will deducted from your personal order - Place all products in the cart and you don't pay them 
When the accumulated earnings exceed 150 € you can request us accreditation
You will receive automatic email every amount accrued, with total report
You will not need buy and deliver the products to your friends, but we follow them all over and we will ship directly to their home the products
We also follow your contacts which have an interest to start this new work as an affiliate, so you will have more time for your hobbies and your family

This activity is for You COMPLETELY FREE.

- You will not have sustain investments now or ever-

Affiliate Marketing

To find out the details of the opportunity
we recommend you read the following pages:

ADVANTAGES for Affiliate
FREE registration without investments!

You will have a personal link available for each page, to create posts and publish them in various social networks

Purchase with a discount products for personal consumption
In a few moments you can share the link and create your own post, and you can also do it from your mobile phone, wherever you are!< br> Earn immediately a very high % on orders, made and procured
Earnings on orders derived from your direct and indirect word of mouth

The fee will be immediately available and you can transfer it and deduct it as an immediate discount on your personal order
When the accumulated earnings exceed €150 you can ask us for a credit
You will receive e-mails for each direct registration
You will receive e-mails for every order placed by your TEAM
You will not have to anticipate and deliver the products directly, but it is strategic to register them as Customers, < b>we will follow us in everything, facilitating your work, they will pay us directly and we will ship the products to their home
We will also follow the contacts interested in starting as Affiliates. You will then have more time for your hobbies and family