Fights high blood pressure, cholesterol, osteoporosis and hypertension - Food supplement with hawthorn, garlic and olive tree

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Food supplement rich in benefits thanks to the Hawthorn , garlic and olive tree .

hawthorn is rich in flavoinoids , excellent natural antioxidants that contribute to combat high blood pressure and help protect the cardiovascular system . It also acts on the central nervous system, reducing heart rate and blood pressure, making it useful in case of emotional tension, anxiety , agitation , hypertension and insomnia . But not only ..

garlic is one of the medicinal plants considered indispensable, since it has infinite healthy properties. It is an excellent anticoagulant thanks to the active ingredient of allicin, it favors the vasodilatation , helps fight bad cholesterol , is a natural antibiotic , antiseptic , antibacterial and immunostimulant < / span> that is able to strengthen the immune defenses of the organism. It is also widely used for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. It also exercises a remarkable activity antispasmodic , useful to prevent muscle spasms and abdominal pain , and an effective action chelator , But not only ..

The olive tree has among its most important phytochemicals the oleuropeina , the active ingredient most responsible for the beneficial effects on human health. Among its main uses and properties we find: anticancer , helps to fight osteoporosis and hypertension , anti-viral and anti-bacterial , antioxidant , anti-inflammatory , strengthens the immune system .

Nutritional values ​​

Energy values ​​ per 100gr per tablet
Lipids 71.73 gr 500 mgr
Protein 19.36 gr 60 mgr
Carbohydrates 79.30 gr 140 mgr
Energy 758.66 Kcal (3,171.2 KJ) 5.3 Kcal (22.15 Kj)
Product details
Expiration 05/25
Package 50 capsules
Ingredients Olive leaf marinated in olive oil - 1st cold pressing, macerated hawthorn oil, oil with macerated garlic - (gelatin and glycerin)
How to use
Mode of use As a dietary supplement, take one (1) capsule per day
Warnings Being a natural compound, it is advisable to keep it in a dry, cool place, not exposed to sunlight and in a tightly closed container. Keep out of reach of children.

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