For a beautiful and healthy environment. Releases negative ions and helps purify the air - HEART candle holder

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Natural Candleholder a HEART

100% Natural Himalayan pink salt candle holder, "heart" shape


These Himalayan salt products give you aparticular atmosphere to your rooms, with a beautiful light and a healthy oneatmosphere in the living room or bedroom. It therefore represents afurnishing accessory for homes and offices, but not only ..


A valid and economical system to control the proliferation ofgerms, viruses, molds and allergens, thus obtaining healthy environments eclean for the whole family. Himalayan salt is, in fact, consideredcapable of creating negative ions in the air, giving many benefitsto the environment and to the people who live there.

Using these tea light holders with pink Himalayan salt, ions are generated negative that helping to combat electrical pollution in theyour home.

These 100% Natural candle holders aremade of salt crystal or semi-precious stones whose subtle vibrations create a welcoming atmosphere, diffused light, quiet and harmony.

Second Feng Shui, we discover that this kind of wellness lamp issuitable for living rooms, bedrooms and very useful in bedroomssome children.

Thanks to the heat generated by the ignitionof the candle inside, it releases negative ions that helppurify the surrounding air.

The air in domestic environments, especially in cities particularly polluted by smog , it is particularly rich in powder charged with positive ions andpolluting particles invisible to the human eye. Thanks to the issueof negative ions, these salt lamps neutralize positive ions and cause the polluting particles that circulate to fall to the groundin the air.
In domestic environments, unfortunately, we also find the electromagnetic pollution , caused by household appliances, responsible for respiratory problems edips in concentration. The salt lamps, again, they are able to significantly reduce the electrosmog producedfrom electronic devices, such as PCs, present in theyour home or office.

Product details
Package Heart candle holder: weight: 700-900 gr size: 9-10cm x H: 5-7cm Items are marked with dimensions that are purely indicative, each lamp is completely unique. The material is a natural resource and is not artificially colored and therefore can be lighter or darker than that in the photograph.
How to use
Warnings Always place the Himalayan salt candle burners on a heat resistant material.

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