Ideal also for sensitive skin, does not cover bad smells, does not block natural body perspiration - Rock alum / potassium deodorant spray

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DEOdorante all Rock alum / potassium


Anti-odorant in natural potassium alum stone (also called rock alum )
long lasting (24 hours), ideal for everyone and every day!

Rock alum is also recognized as potassium alum and proves to be an effective solution to solve a problem that afflicts many people, namely sweating .
We must not forget that armpits are a very delicate part of the body. Therefore an aggressive product could cause serious irritation on the skin.
To avoid finding yourself with inflamed armpits, 100% natural remedies are recommended, therefore rock alum is the best anti-odor remedies for sweat.

This alum deodorant, 100% natural :

  • does not cover bad smells
  • does not block natural body perspiration ,
  • is also ideal for sensitive skin
  • gives a general feeling of freedom
  • also guarantees hemostatic properties

Thanks to the beneficial effect of potassium alum, it can also be used in the case of insect bites, herpes, acne, boils, skin fungi and rashes .

This DEO also has a particularly positive effect on feet , where it tightens the skin and tends to heal the skin micro-lesions: it is useful to massage with the hand after passage for maximum effectiveness.

Product details
Package 125ml spray
Effect Natural anti-odorant spray
Advice How to use: After the shower and before drying, pass the roll-on of the deodorant on the wet body, keeping the stone moist and insisting on the critical points to sweat (armpits, groin, feet, ..). With the slight rubbing, the saline microparticles of potassium alum are deposited on the skin which inhibit bacterial proliferation, the source of our body odor.
Ingredients Potassium alum

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