ANTI-DARK LIGHT POINT of Himalayan salt. PERFECT in the children's bedroom IDEAL in the adult bedroom

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Night light with Himalayan salt

ANTI-DARK LIGHT POINT original from himalayan salt.

PERFECT in the children's room : calms you with its unmistakable amber light

IDEAL in the room of adults who often get up in the middle of the night

The mini lamp has a plastic base with switch fixed to the block you go up, with attackto electricity, & nbsp; provided with & nbsp; bulb (CE compliant) aincandescence that heats the crystal by ionizing the environment.

Leraw lamps are all unique pieces in tone and shape. The crystal salt is a fossil mineral, dated 250 million years, and it comestransformed into a salt lamp in an absolutely artisanal way forpreserve its properties, primordial energy and benefitstherapeutic.
The Himalayan salt lamp works as a "natural negative ion generator".When heated, it emits negative ions which:

  • fights theelectromagnetic radiation
  • fights fatigue and slowness
  • improves health
  • increases the flow of oxygen to thebrain
  • helps you sleep better
  • helps in case of allergies

This has aprofound beneficial effect on your health.

Product details
Package Mini Night Light of Himalayan Salt Height: about 10 cm weight: about 500gr The items are marked with dimensions that are purely indicative, each lamp is completely unique. The material is a natural resource and is not artificially colored and therefore can be lighter or darker than that in the photograph.

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