Connect this Himalayan pink salt led lamp to your pc / notebook thanks to the USB cable - BALL multicolor led lamp

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Natural Himalayan pink salt lamp

USB led lamp 100% Natural Himalayan pink salt, "SPHERE" shape multicolor

Connect this Himalayan pink salt lamp to your pc / notebook with the USB cable

  • to enjoy the benefits of Himalayan pink salt
  • to enjoy the multicolor led effect that makes the Himalayan pink salt lamp a beautiful play of light

This Himalayan pink salt lamp is made from a single block of salt

This little Himalayan salt crystal lamp connectsdirectly to the computer via the USB port, and thanks to the LEDsthey emit light in various colors.

The chromotherapy uses colors to help the body and the psyche to find againthe natural balance. Great importance has always been attachedtraditionally to the influence of colors on health and statusmood of individuals having a direct influence on the Chakras. Therechromotherapy consists in the use of wave energyelectromagnetic light. & nbsp; The colored irradiations act on theemotional and psychological state of each individual, promoting their balanceinterior and the consequent physical well-being. These rock salt lamps with LEDs have the ability to regulate the humidity of the the environment & nbsp; which will also benefit from the chromotherapy effect.

Product details
Package "Sphere" Himalayan pink salt lamp with USB connection: weight: 400-600 gr height: 8-10cm The items are marked with dimensions that are purely indicative, each lamp is completely unique. The material is a natural resource and is not artificially colored and therefore can be lighter or darker than that in the photograph.

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