Helps with joint pain, arthrosis and as a support for metabolism, connective tissues such as nails, hair, skin, cartilage ... - Silicon

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The silicon is the second most abundant mineral on earth.

It is present in the tissues of the skin, nails, bones, lungs, trachea, lymph nodes, tendons, aorta ...

Organic silicon prevents the degeneration of cartilage and joints helping to quickly and effectively fight arthrosis giving immediate pain relief.

The Silicon also:

  • Helps in metabolism regulation and cell division.
  • It induces the control and proliferation of fibroblasts (the cells that produce collagen) at the level of the connective tissue.
  • It has the function of biocatalyst , intervening in various enzymatic processes.
  • Acts as a metabolic protector , acting on different levels,
  • Regulates and stimulates the mitosis of fibroblasts and is very important for the regeneration of dermal and epidermal cells.
  • It is a co-factor of elastin synthesis .
  • Helps ulcer healing .
  • The keratinization process is correlated to the presence of S.O.
  • It has a strong lipolytic action , linked to the stimulation of the cAMP. This property is linked to the activation promoted by the S.O. the formation of adenyl cyclase at the adipocyte level. The induction of lipolysis induced by the S.O. it is about 7 times higher than that caused by methyl-xanthines and has no side effects .
  • Relieves joint pain in 24 hours
  • Makes the joints more elastic
  • Helps rebuild cartilage
  • Regain lost mobility

In the lungs, being exposed to the air, we find the greatest concentration of silicon.

The silicon is needed for connective tissues such as:

  • the tendons,
  • cartilage (the connective tissues formed by collagen),
  • blood vessels,
  • the nails,
  • the skin,
  • the hair.
It has a control role against the toxic effects of aluminum.

The silicon in combination with calcium strengthens the bones, is therefore an important element in the treatment of osteoporosis .

The intake of suitable quantities in the development phase is essential. Silicon levels decrease with age, therefore the elderly should take higher quantities.

Product details
Expiration 10/24
Package 90 capsules
Ingredients Silicon, Brewer's yeast - (Microcrystalline celullose, mannitol, vegetable magnesium stearate and gelatin)
How to use
Mode of use As a dietary supplement take two (2) capsules per day.
Warnings Being a natural compound, it is recommended to store in a dry, cool place, not exposed to sunlight and in a tightly closed container. Keep out of reach of children.

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