Anklet band refreshing gel that gives freshness and makes you feel a great sense of wellness derived from the effect of the bath derivative

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Choose for your wellness ANKLET


Ankle band gel refreshing cthat gives a pleasant sensation of freshness and provides a valuable and effective help on many occasions.
Simply apply it for a few minutes at the ankle to try the sense of wellness derived from the effect of the bath derivative.


  • Soothes pain in the legs
  • Revitalizes your legs
  • Reactivates circulation and deflates heavy and tired legs
  • Stimulates the blood vessels in order to properly activate the circulation
  • Removes the feeling of heaviness in the legs
  • Blood circulation mechanism starts to work properly sprinkling all tissues, without focusing on ankles and calves.

You can finally rediscover the pleasure of having light legs, deflated and not achy. Acts on the feet, ankles, calves and thighs because reactivates blood circulation giving active and agile legs like when not existed swelling problems and heaviness.

A sedentary lifestyle impacts heavily on circulation mechanisms: if your legs are not calls to a certain amount of movement in the day, the powerful muscles of the lower limbs do not exercise their precious massaging action on the circulatory system. Veins and capillaries, not undergoing the effect of the contraction and relaxation of muscle, are subject to stagnation and slowdowns direct causes of insufficient peripheral circulation.

Product details
Package 1 Anklet
Ingredients non toxic gel composition: composed of distilled water, cellulose, food colorings and additives. Accidental contact with the skin rinse with water without rubbing. pad in anatomical padding constituted by a casing TPU film to 300 microns, high-frequency welded to design and filled with viscous gel For optimal hygiene the product is sealed in a vacuum pack.
How to use
Mode of use Cool the gel ankle band for at least 60 minutes in the freezer or in the refrigerator according to individual tolerability, then apply it on the ankle to get better relief and the benefits of bath derivative. Applications can also be made several times a day during the rest and relaxation.
Warnings For the maintenance of the product after opening store the gel pad constantly in the freezer or in the refrigerator Suitable for both men and for women Do not use for purposes other than those listed The product is certified by the Ministry of Health as a Medical Device Class 1 No. 1242252 Tax deductible in health costs. To discharge the purchase as a medical device must be specified when ordering the tax code number in the order comments.

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