Bracelet in gel that gives a pleasant sensation of freshness to mitigate the fever, states of nausea, restores vital energy and general wellness

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For your well-being choose MYKUN Rescue Band

Gel bracelet refreshing which gives a pleasant feeling of freshness and provides valuable and effective help on many occasions.
Just apply it to your arm for a few minutes to feel a sense of well-being derived from the effect of the derivative bath .

  • Relieves the feeling of being unwell in the presence of feverish states
  • Helps a feeling of well-being in a state of nausea
  • Restores renewed vital energy in states of fatigue
  • Restores well-being even after a sunstroke or heat

Mykun is a simple but effective remedy for nausea, sunstroke, feverish state and distortion of the wrist.

Nausea in pregnancy

Typical pregnancy disorders are nausea, symptoms that are absolutely not alarming but which can become unbearable and tire the future mother. One solution is to apply Mykun after refreshing it.

Sprains of the wrist

The inflammation of the tendons, the cause of incorrect movements or extreme sports activities, leads to an increase in blood flow, causing pain and reduced mobility. An effective solution is to constrain the movement of the wrist to a resting position and use Mykun for about 10-15 minutes even with multiple applications per day.


The rapid rise in the temperature inside our body causes the so-called "heat stroke"; the body slows down the activity of perspiration and heat exchange towards the outside of our body. An effective solution is to intervene with cold water sponging or the application of Mykun. In these circumstances, the combination of Mykun with Bikun makes the dispersion of the accumulated heat even more effective and immediate.


In all cases of fever it is essential to use the ice pack. Very often this trivial intervention allows to lower the temperature and certainly gives a little lucidity by mitigating the effects of the fever itself. The sponging or the use of Mykun on the body in particular on the wrists, or the application of Bikun , can be a valid help to reduce the temperature.

The product is certified by the Ministry of Health as a Class 1 Medical Device - registration number 1269624.

Product details
Package 1 MyKun 1 case
Ingredients GEL non toxic: distilled water, cellulose, food colorings and additives. Accidental contact with the skin rinse with water without rubbing. External coating: totally aseptic anatomic cuff and hypoallergenic high-frequency welded to design and filled with about 50 grams of viscous gel. For optimal hygiene the product is sealed in a vacuum pack.
How to use
Mode of use Cool bracelet gel for at least 60 minutes in the freezer, then apply it on your wrist with Velcro closing. Use Mykun for 10, 15 minutes. Applications can also be made several times a day during the rest and the relaxation.
Warnings For the maintenance of the product after opening store the gel pad constantly in the freezer or in the refrigerator Suitable for both men and for women the Mykun cuff should be applied according to the indications described above and should not be used for purposes other than those listed. Product is certified by the Ministry of Health as a Medical Device Class 1 - registration number 1269624 Tax deductible in health costs. To discharge the purchase as a medical device must be specified when ordering the tax code number in the order comments.

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