This gel pad helps to relieve red eyes, eye diseases, headaches, eye swelling, to prevent the formation of wrinkles ..

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Regenerates the wellness of your eyes with EYE LIFE

Pad in natural gel non toxic, coated with a totally aseptic wrapper and hypoallergenic,  to be applied on the eyes to get the most of the relief in the beginning of baths derivative to give to the eye area and face in general all the benefits of this discipline.

  • Gives relief and freshness to the eyes and face
  • Revitalize swollen eyes, tired, heavy and sore
  • Relieves ocular stress caused by fatigue
  • Soothes in case of eye injuries or eyelids
  • Soothes in cases of inflammation of the paranasal sinuses
  • Refreshes, tones and deflates the eye areas giving relief

    Ideale per:

    Gives relief from stress and tension in the eyes due to prolonged exposure to the computer screen, on television, driving, reading, smoking, wind, dust, to too much sun and the use of contact lenses.

    For the effective resolution and the prevention of problems that may affect the eye but also the eyelids and edges of eyelids (conjunctivitis, stye, blepharitis, chalazion etc). 

    Contributes to soothe the pain due to obstruction of the sinuses, often causing headaches and migraines, even in conjunction sinusitis and seasonal allergic rhinitis / pollen allergy.

    It has a deep decongestant, soothing, calming and draining action of the eyeballs and the eye. Contributes to relax and deflate the bags under the eyes.

    Promotes makeup; strengthens the eyelids, eye area and helps prevent the formation of wrinkles

    Product is certified by the Ministry of Health as a Medical Device Class 1 - registration number 1269624.

    Product details
    Package 1 Eye Life 1 case Product in box with marking Cools for 40 minutes
    Ingredients GEL non toxic: distilled water, cellulose, food colorings and additives. Accidental contact with the skin rinse with water without rubbing. Outer coating: totally aseptic anatomical and hypoallergenic pad, having a high mechanical strength to the continuous rubbing, high-frequency welded to design and filled with approximately 90 grams of viscous gel. For optimal hygiene the product is sealed in a vacuum-packed
    How to use
    Mode of use Cool the gel pad for at least 60 minutes in the freezer or refrigerator, then apply it on the eyes, resulting in the relief and the benefit of derivative baths. Applications can last as long as you still feel the refreshing effect, and also be made several times a day during the rest and the relaxation.
    Warnings For the maintenance of the product after opening store the gel pad constantly in the freezer or in the refrigerator Suitable for both men and women the pad for face EyeLife should be applied according to the directions described above and should not be used for purposes other than those listed. Product is certified by the Ministry of Health as a Medical Device Class 1 - registration number 1269624 Tax deductible in health costs. To discharge the purchase as a medical device must be specified when ordering the tax code number in the order comments.

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