6-10kg RAW Himalayan PINK salt lamps. Ideal rock salt lamp for room / study / office / kitchen of 20sqm

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Natural electric lamp of pink Himalayan salt

Lamp 6-10kg  100% Natural Himalayan pink salt, "raw" shape, with electrical socket

Place this Himalayan pink salt lamp in your room / study / office / kitchen to fully enjoy its benefits:

Himalayan salt benefits pink salt properties benefits

These Himalayan pink salt lamps are made from a single block of salt of the weight and size to be chosen according to the size of the room where it will be placed

Let's summarize the properties and the main benefits of electric salt lamps:

  • They reduce the humidity in the environment.
  • They help purify the air in your home.
  • They charge the environment with positive energies.
  • They create a relaxing atmosphere.
  • They give off a pleasant soft light.
  • Promote concentration and productivity
  • They stimulate creativity and the joy of life
  • They give a pleasant feeling of well-being
  • They emit negative ions into the air
  • They stimulate the immune system
  • They can help you breathe better for asthma and allergies
  • They help protect us from electromagnetic pollution
Product details
Package "Raw" Himalayan pink salt electric lamp including: 1 A 15-25W E14 230-240V bulb Electric wire with structure for bulb to be inserted in the salt lamp The weight is relative to the square meters of the environment, and the height of the lamp varies in proportion to the weight. Example: lamp weight: 6-10kg about lamp height: 25-35cm about The items are marked with dimensions that are purely indicative, each lamp is completely unique.The material is a natural resource and is not artificially colored and therefore can be lighter or darker than that in the photograph.The rough-shaped lamps can never be the same, so if you need to have "similar" lamps in size and / or color, we recommend that you specify this in the comments when ordering.
Advice For large lamps over 30kg it is recommended to purchase a minion Halogen bulb with more Watts (40W-60W) in an electricity shop
How to use
Warnings Pink salt lamps, being 100% natural, can have a uniform color or more or less light areas, from light pink to almost red.The bright areas will clearly emanate more brightness than the dark ones.

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