Releases negative ions and helps purify and perfume the environment with essential oils - Raw essence burner

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Burn essence of raw natural salt

100% Natural essence burner with Himalayan pink salt
with metal riser , for a rustic effect
and to remove the candle flame from the glass saucer

It combines the effectiveness of Himalayan pink salt with the benefits of aromatherapy.
It can, in fact, be used with aromatic oils or with drops of essential oils to perfume the environment and enjoy the double benefit .


These salt accessories give a special atmosphere to your rooms, with a beautiful light and a healthy atmosphere in the living room or bedroom. It therefore represents a piece of furniture for homes and offices, but not only ..


A valid and economical system to control the proliferation of germs, viruses, molds and allergens, and thus obtain healthy and clean environments for the whole family. Himalayan salt is, in fact, considered capable of creating negative ions in the air, giving many benefits to the environment and to the people who live there.

This burns the essence of pink Himalayan salt, thanks to the heat generated by the lighting of the candle inside, generates negative ions that also help fight electrical pollution in your home.

These 100% Natural essence burners are made of salt crystal or semi-precious stones whose subtle vibrations create a welcoming atmosphere, diffused light, quiet and harmony.

The air in domestic environments, especially in cities particularly polluted by smog , is particularly rich in dust loaded with positive ions and polluting particles invisible to human eye. Thanks to the emission of negative ions, these essences of salt neutralize the positive ions and cause the polluting particles that circulate in the air to fall to the ground.

Product details
Package 1 Raw essence burner with metal riser weight: 800-1100 gr dimensions: 11xh17 cm The articles are marked with dimensions that are purely indicative, each lamp is completely unique The material is a natural resource and is not artificially colored and therefore can be lighter or darker than that in photography
How to use
Warnings Always place the essence burners on a heat-resistant material. Make sure there is enough water in the essence burner container. Always use good quality candles. Never leave unattended when switched on, always place them away from curtains. If the flame becomes dangerous, extinguish it with a damp cloth. The liquid contained could burn, be careful not to hit the oil burner when lit.

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