Primary mineral with a powerful magnetism, which favors the processes of learning and rebirth. Lava stone heart pendant

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Heart pendant of LAVA STONE

or Lava rock

Always carry the Natural benefits of lava rock with you thanks to these beautiful heart-shaped pendants with rhinestones
complete with rubber cord ( or chain - optional)
therefore suitable for both women and men, from young to old

Benefits of Lava stone

Lava stone is a igneous volcanic rock . It solidified from molten lava, after conditions of intense heat and pressure.
The lava rock is considered as primary mineral and as such favors all processes of learning .

The lava rock is charged with telluric energies of the earth and has inherited a powerful magnetism < / span> which directly affects us.

The beneficial action of the lava stone acts mainly on the first chakra (Root) and the third chakra (solar plexus).

- Effects of lava rock :

  • is considered the stone of rebirth
  • helps to shed unnecessary emotions and unhealthy attachments
  • helps start a new path, be it business, family or other
  • allows to progress , enhancing the innate inner qualities of a man
  • enhances the merits of the character , without changing its inclinations
  • gives strength and courage
  • helps to eliminate negative emotions and reconnect with the joy ofliving and spontaneity
  • helps to overcome psychological traumas and particularly difficult situations in life

Lava rock also has its own special use in aromatherapy .
Thanks to its characteristics that make it particularly porous and therefore able to absorb liquids , can be combined with essential oils to enhance its healing properties.

Thanks to this lava stone pendant, you can then take the benefits of crystal therapy with you
and the benefits of aromatherapy

- How to use Lava Stone-

To purify the lava rock, immerse it for a few hours in water (ideally demineralized and slightly salted)
and then dry it with a clean cloth.
To recharge the lava rock, expose it to sunlight for 2 hours 3 hours about 3-4 times a year

The charms come in a small box

Benefits and other properties given are for information only and should not be used to replace medicines or treatments

Product details
Package Package consisting of: 1 3cm lava rock heart with rubber cord (or chain - optional) 1 small box (or gift box - optional)
How to use
Mode of use The material is a natural resource and is not artificially colored and therefore can be lighter or darker than that in photography. To obtain visible effects on the physical and spiritual plane, it is recommended to wear the pendant in close contact with the skin at heart level. After days of use, it is advisable to drain the pendant from the absorbed energies, placing it under running water

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