Gives healing, truth, knowledge and balance. It has a calming and draining action. Sodalite heart pendant with rhinestones

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Heart pendant of SODALITE

Crystal Therapy

Always carry the Natural benefits of Sodalite with you thanks to these beautiful heart-shaped pendants with rhinestones
complete with rubber cord (or chain - optional)
therefore suitable for both women and men, give young to old

SODALITE - Element: Water - concerns the sphere of emotions and femininity (love, healing, compassion, reconciliation, intuition).
SODALITE - Chakra: Fifth " Vishudda " (throat)

Benefits of Sodalite

- Details and mythology of the Sodalite stone -

Sodalite is a chlorine, aluminum and sodium silicate which is mainly formed in low siliceous pegmatite rocks. It is opaque and has an intense gray-blue color with white streaks of feldspar.

Sodalite symbolizes the starry night and the depth of the sea and evokes a divine and magical dimension.

- Effect on the psyche of Sodalite -

  • is a true healing stone
  • promotes idealism and stimulates the desire for truth and < span style = "font-weight: bold;"> knowledge
  • strengthens the sense of one's identity and the ability to self-affirmation
  • helps overcome mind patterns
  • eliminates the feelings of guilt and allows you to fully enjoy the emotions in complete freedom and with wisdom
  • balances the masculine and feminine polarities, the Yin and the Yang < / li>
  • her vibrations allow you to rebalance who she is hypersensitive and she reacts impulsively after having "held" and brooded inside for a long time
  • organizes and deepens the thought
  • clarifies and balances one's own inner voice , which draws on the chaotic and incomprehensible flow of our unconscious
  • accompanies the subject to acquire a deep vision of reality and to open the mind
  • contributes to the creation of ideas through the word and allows the subject to express himself with confidence

- Effect on the body of the Sodalite crystal-

    • is indicated in disorders of throat as laryngitis
    • has calming action and can be useful in case of insomnia and asthma
    • soothes pain and inflammation
    • lower the high pressure
    • improves the functionality of the lymphatic system avoiding the retention of liquids (draining action)

    - How to use Sodalite-

    Sodalite can be downloaded after use under running water.
    To obtain visible effects on the physical and spiritual level it is advisable to carry the stone with you in close contact with the skin for long periods and / or to place it on the affected area, especially on the throat to develop more effective communication or in the left hand to calm the mind and relax the body.
    If positioned in the environment it promotes relaxation and is an excellent companion for meditation. < br>

    The charms come in a small bag

    Benefits and other properties given are for information only and should not be used to replace medicines or treatments

    Product details
    Package Package consisting of: 1 3cm Sodalite heart with rhinestones and rubber cord (or chain - optional) 1 small box (or gift box - optional)
    How to use
    Mode of use The material is a natural resource and is not artificially colored and therefore can be lighter or darker than that in photography. To obtain visible effects on the physical and spiritual plane, it is recommended to wear the pendant in close contact with the skin at heart level. After days of use, it is advisable to drain the pendant from the absorbed energies, placing it under running water

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