Support iron, red blood cells, confidence, abundance and optimism. Hematite heart pendant with rhinestones

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Heart pendant of HEMATITE

Crystal Therapy

Always carry the Natural benefits of Hematite with you thanks to these beautiful heart-shaped pendants with rhinestones
complete with rubber cord (or chain - optional)
therefore suitable for both women and men, from young to old

HEMATITE - Element: Fire - concerns the sphere of energy and male strength (courage, will, purification, conquest)
HEMATITE - Chakra: Primo " Muladhara < / span> "(root)

Benefits of Hematite

- Hematite details and mythology -

Hematite is a very common iron oxide whose formation is mainly linked to sedimentary processes, but is also formed in a metamorphic and in smaller quantities in the hydrothermal veins, in the igneous rocks and in the oxidation zones of the limonite deposits.
Ash gray or black with a metallic luster , during processing produces blood-red powder residues.
The name hematite, in fact, means “ blood stone ”, from the Greek Haima “ blood". It was already used for therapeutic purposes in ancient Egypt and by the Babylonians for stimulate blood production and accelerate blood clotting , and so also in the Middle Ages.
Crystals sometimes take on the appearance of a metallic flower, so much so that they have the popular name of “ iron rose ”. Legend has it that hematite is so called because it was placed on war wounded for take away the pain and was therefore constantly stained with blood.

- Effect of Hematite on the psyche -
The Hematite stone:

  • brings light into one's path, instills confidence in destiny and in oneself, helps to grasp the sunny aspects and positive of life
  • is the stone of optimism that calms, instills joy of life and warms the heart, lifts and rejuvenates the spirit
  • pushes action, gives resistance and helps to succeed not to waste the forces necessary to achieve one's goals
  • gives courage and confers personal powers, useful for working on problems of fear in general
  • is excellent to use for news , on the occasion of new initiatives or work activities such as the opening of a new store
  • brings the life force of the universe, it is used to stimulate and purify the chakras causing them to radiate heat like the sun
  • improves the receptivity to energy that comes from the universal source
  • has a yang energy , therefore it heats, protects and strengthens the physical and spiritual body
  • brings inner balance and helps to balance the forces that dominate the cosmos: yin and yang (male and female forces)
  • reflects the true qualities of sunlight : openness, benevolence, warmth, strength and mental clarity,
  • inspires a sense of independence and originality
  • instills a sense of abundance in everything you need and want
  • decreases the melancholy bringing company, they give trust in destiny and possibility to be happy

- Effect on the body of Hematite -

  • improves the assimilation of iron by the small intestine
  • stimulates the production of red blood cells
  • useful in case of anemia
  • improves the oxygenation of all body tissues
  • generally improves the conditions of health of the individual
  • relieves any type of pain : headache, muscle, kidney or intestinal pain
  • detoxifies the body and absorbs impurities from the kidneys, liver and spleen
  • also recommended as an adjuvant against menstrual pain and during pregnancy or breastfeeding

- How to use Hematite -

Hematite can be discharged under running water.
Bring hematite to close contact with the skin , but for not too long periods, otherwise it could have effects on the spiritual level such as irritability and selfishness, in addition to discharging at the energetic level due to the higher level of mental concentration.
On a physical level, apply a hematite stone on the body , on painful areas, but its use is not recommended in case of inflammation. If positioned close to the heels during relaxation, it relieves leg cramps and fights fatigue.

The charms come in a small box

Benefits and other properties given are for information only and should not be used to replace medicines or treatments

Product details
Package Package consisting of: 1 3cm Hematite heart with rhinestones and rubber cord (or chain - optional) 1 small box (or gift box - optional)
How to use
Mode of use The material is a natural resource and is not artificially colored and therefore can be lighter or darker than that in photography. To obtain visible effects on the physical and spiritual plane, it is recommended to wear the pendant in close contact with the skin at heart level. After days of use, it is advisable to drain the pendant from the absorbed energies, placing it under running water

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