Element: FIRE and WATER - 1st and 4th chakra - Always carry the benefits of rose quartz and hematite with you with this comfortable elastic bracelet

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Crystal Therapy

Always carry the Natural benefits of Rose Quartz and Hematite with you thanks to these beautiful unisex bracelets, therefore suitable for both women and men, from young to old

PINK QUARTZ - Element: Water - concerns the sphere of emotions and femininity ( love, healing, compassion, reconciliation, intuition)
PINK QUARTZ - Chakra: Fourth  "Anahata" (heart)

Benefits of Rose Quartz

- Mythology of Rose Quartz crystal -

Traditions attribute to rose quartz the power of attract love and according to Greek mythology it would be a gift from the god Eros to men.
An oriental legend explains its origin as follows: a poor and handsome young man loved a young caste superior to his, so they were forced to meet in secret. The young man always brought as a gift to his beloved a rose variegated with white like the color of his complexion. One day the girl's father discovered them and killed them: the rose they held in their hands was transformed into a wonderful stone flower, the rose quartz .

- Effect on the body -

Pink quartz is associated with everything related to the heart, on a physical and emotional level:

  • relieves heart disease
  • adjusts the circulatory system
  • lower the high pressure
  • fights stress
  • fights depression
  • helps in case of insomnia
  • gives support in case of fatigue physical and mental
  • helps overcome sexual problems and improves fertility

- Effect on the psyche -

The Rose Quartz crystal:

  • gives inner peace , balance , tranquility and joy
  • is suitable for those who have undergone an emotional separation or in any case feel the need to receive comfort and heat
  • teaches to love all forms of life
  • heals the wounds of the soul through forgiveness , which is why it is also known as the relief stone
  • opens to love for oneself and for others, makes you feel worthy of receiving it
  • develops the compassion and the sensitivity
  • teaches generosity and tolerance
  • allows you to find the calm and the decision with an available attitude and positive towards life
  • free from anxiety , from nervousness and worries : dissolve emotional tensions , cancel ego and harmonizes life with that of the Universe
  • helps to have confidence in oneself and to develop, mature and respect feelings
  • develops the sense of aesthetics and is a particularly suitable stone for artists

- How to use the Pink Quartz -

The rose quartz crystal can be discharged after use under running water.
To obtain visible effects on the physical and spiritual level, it is advisable to always carry the stone with you in close contact with the skin. height of the heart (necklace or pendant).
It is particularly suitable for meditation and also for children, to improve their self-esteem from an early age and develop solidarity with peers.
The presence of one or more rose quartz crystalsin the bedroom promotes a peaceful sleep. Be careful not to leave it in direct sunlight as it may fade and lose its luster.


HEMATITE - Element: Fire - concerns the sphere of male energy and strength (courage, will, purification, conquest)
HEMATITE & nbsp; - Chakra: First "Muladhara" (root)

Benefits of Hematite

- Mythology of hematite -

The name hematite means “blood stone”: in fact in Greek Haima means “blood”. It was already used for therapeutic purposes in ancient Egypt and by the Babylonians to stimulate the production of blood and accelerate its coagulation, and so also in the Middle Ages.
Crystals sometimes take on the appearance of a metallic flower, so much so that they have the popular name of "iron rose". Legend has it that hematite is so called because it was placed on war wounded to take away their pain and was therefore constantly stained with blood.

- Effect on the body -

Hematite is well known because:

  • improves assimilation of iron by the small intestine
  • stimulates the production of red blood cells
  • useful in case of anemia
  • determines a better oxygenation of all body tissues
  • generally improves the health of the individual
  • relieves any type of pain : headache, muscle, kidney or intestinal pain
  • detoxifies the body and absorbs impurities from the kidneys, liver and spleen
  • recommended as an adjuvant against menstrual pain and during pregnancy or breastfeeding

- Effect on the psyche -

The Hematite crystal:

  • strengthens the individual's will to live and induces him to improve his living conditions
  • stimulates the will and the awareness of one's aspirations
  • gives dynamism and vitality
  • encourages you to take care of your basic needs and fight for your own physical well-being
  • & nbsp; is a stone of discipline and concentration that organizes our energies like a warrior preparing to fight
  • energizes the inner strength
  • gives a feeling of strength and calm the anxiety and the panic attacks
  • eliminates mental disturbances and overcomes the excessive tendency to dream

- How to use Hematite -

The hematite stone can be discharged under running water.
It is advisable to bring the hematite in close contact with the skin but for not too long periods, otherwise it could have spiritual effects such as irritability and selfishness , in addition to discharging at the energetic level due to the higher level of mental concentration.
As for the therapy at the physical level, for the best results a sphere of hematite can be applied to the body on the painful areas, but its use is not recommended in case of inflammation. If positioned close to the heels during relaxation, it relieves leg cramps and fights fatigue.

The bracelets will be shipped in an elegant bag

Benefits and other properties given are for information only and should not be used to replace medicines or treatments

Product details
Package Package consisting of: 1 elastic bracelet of 19cm Rose Quartz & Hematite (pearl diameter 0.4cm) 1 elegant bag If you prefer you can also choose the ear of the box
How to use
Mode of use The material is a natural resource and is not artificially colored and therefore can be lighter or darker than that in photography. After days of use, it is advisable to drain the bracelet from the absorbed energies, putting it under running water

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