Always carry the natural benefits of tourmaline with you thanks to this unisex necklace - Protection from internal and external energies and pains

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Tourmaline Necklace

Crystal Therapy

Always carry the Natural benefits of Tourmaline with you thanks to this beautiful necklace unisex
therefore suitable for men and women, come on younger to older.

Benefits of Tourmaline

Black tourmaline: element Earth - concerns the sphere of stability and well-being (peace, balance, fertility, money).

Black tourmaline: chakra First chakra Muladhara (“Root”)

Fantastic stone especially useful for shielding me from the electromagnetic waves of the computer but also from negative energies.

It is indeed possible to wear it if you are looking for a shield that keeps unwanted energies and thoughts away from you.

- Effect on the body of tourmaline -

The black tourmaline

  • favors the recovery of vital energy
  • is great as a pain reliever
  • relieves problems related to the bone system such as arthritis
  • strengthens the immune system
  • protects against harmful radiation from electronic equipment
  • is useful for the brain because it balances the left and right hemispheres

- Effect of tourmaline on the psyche -

Black tourmaline is considered one of the main stones

  • for the purification of one's energies
  • for the protection from environmental negativities
  • for its roots with the Earth because absorbs all the disharmonies within it
  • removes victimhood and self-pity by transforming negative attitude into positive
  • has the ability to shield from negative thoughts and energies in the environment
  • promotes an impartial attitude towards the facts of life
  • strengthens rationality and the ability to recognize one's mistakes
  • helps to solve dead-end situations and the moods in which we feel trapped or exhausted
  • clarifies the inner blocks and leads to introspection
  • reduces neurotic tendencies and releases tension from stress
  • useful if you suffer from panic attacks because it helps to control all sorts of fears

- How to use Tourmaline -

To obtain visible effects on the physical and spiritual level, it is advisable to carry the stone with you in the left hand in moments of particular tension to relieve nervousness or to place it on the sacrum, knees or feet. Its action is fast and effective and does not need to be used for long periods.
It is useful for those who work at the computer or to keep next to the television to shield from the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields.

Benefits and other properties given are for information only and should not be used to replace medicines or treatments

Product details
Package Package consisting of: 1 x 45cm tourmaline necklace (0.4cm diameter beads) 1 bag If you want to make a nice gift add the original of the elegant box
How to use
Mode of use The material is a natural resource and is not artificially colored and therefore can be lighter or darker than that in photography. After days of use, it is advisable to drain the bracelet from the absorbed energies, putting it under running water

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