Ideal for filling calcium and vitamin D deficiencies, improving tooth and bone health and helping in premenstrual syndrome (SPM)

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calcium is an essential mineral for healthy teeth and bones, but also for the proper functioning of the heart and nervous system and for regulation of the blood clotting process.

More than 99% of the calcium found in the human body is found in the teeth and bones, but also in the blood, muscles and other tissues. but calcium absorption tends to decrease with age, because it is eliminated from the body through sweat, tears, skin cells, feces and urine.

vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin and can be acquired both by ingestion and by exposure to sunlight. Sometimes it is considered as a hormone because it behaves just as if it were because it prefers organs such as kidneys and intestines. It is part of the nutrients that support bone growth and health as it promotes bone mineralization.

The vitamin D3 , known by the name of cholecalciferol, is the natural form and we find it in fish liver oil.

A deficiency of vitamin D causes inadequate absorption of calcium by the intestinal tract.

With this unique product we are therefore able to increase the level of calcium and vitamin D in order to have maximum support.

We therefore have an extraordinary natural remedy for:

  • increase calcium levels;
  • prevent calcium deficiency;
  • reduce high levels of potassium ;
  • stomach acid ;
  • reduce the levels of phosphate in people with kidney disease;
  • the treatment of osteoporosis ;
  • the prevention of loss of bone mass caused by a diet low in calcium or by taking drugs;
  • la premenstrual syndrome (SPM);
  • increase the bone density of fetuses in case the mother takes up little calcium;
  • reduce hormone levels of thyroid in people with kidney failure;
  • reduce the risk of colorectal cancer ;
  • slightly reduce the blood pressure under pressure;
  • reduce the weight and body fat , while following a proper diet;
  • the prevention of cerebral stroke in women;
  • reduce tooth loss in older people

Nutritional values ​​

Energy values ​​ per 100gr per tablet
Lipids 1.5 gr 15 mgr
Protein 36 gr 360 mgr
Carbohydrates 54 gr 540 mg
Energy 373.5 Kcal (1,554 KJ) 3.735 Kcal (15.62 KJ)
Product details
Expiration 04/25
Package 50 tablets
Ingredients Calcium carbonate, heavy magnesium oxide, Vitamin D3 - (Sorbitol, magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide from plants)
How to use
Mode of use As a dietary supplement, take one (1) capsule per day.
Warnings Being a natural compound, it is advisable to keep it in a dry, cool place, not exposed to sunlight and in a tightly closed container. It is not recommended for use during pregnancy or breastfeeding

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