Tea Tree essential oil is obtained from the steam distillation of Melaleuca alternifolia flowers. Discover the properties and methods of use

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OIL essential to TEA TREE

The Tea Tree essential oil is obtained from the steam distillation of the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia , a plant of the Mirtaceae family .

The Tea Tree essential oil has many benefits and is used in cases of:

Sore throat

The oil essential tea tree has anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. Thereits expectorant action can be useful for reducing the mucus causedfrom bronchitis or respiratory tract infections. For infectionsmouth or throat it is recommended to perform rinses with 4-5 drops of tea tree in a glass of water, stirring well, ordiluting a small amount in honey or 20 drops of propolis. ( Notswallow solution)

Abrasions and small cuts

Make sure that the area is clean, apply a few drops of oil to the areainterested. If your skin is sensitive, dilute it with carrier oil. If it'srequired a bandage, put a few drops of oil on a wad ofcotton or a piece of gauze, rest on the wound and bandaged.


Apply directly on the pimples with a cotton swab. Let it act fora couple of hours. If you see that the oil dries your skin, dilute it withcarrier oil / almond oil or a little aloe vera gel.

Room deodorant

Add a few drops of essential oil in the diffuser or on cotton balls to be stored in small bags, in order to spread throughout the environment the scent of tea tree.


For theallergy treatment is generally recommended to carry out amassage with a few drops of diluted oil on the chest, abdomen or pointsfoot reflexes.

Arthritis, rheumatic and muscular pains

For relieve pain massages are carried out on the area with 6 drops oftea tree oil diluted in 20 ml of carrier oil / almond oil or olive. Rub and massage the affected part.


Add a few drops to boiling water for steaming

Athlete's foot

Clean up feet carefully, paying particular attention in the area betweenfingers. Apply a light coat of tea tree oil to the areaaffected 2-3 times a day, until the signs of infectionthey will not have disappeared

Feet Mushrooms

It will just apply on the feet a few drops of this oil alldays or mix it in water and soak your feet for 10minutes.

Bacterial infections

Massage the oil on the affected area or add a few drops to the water of your bathtub.
Breath bad: Mix a drop of oil with a little water and carry outgargle, being very careful not to swallow the solution.


Make sure the area is clean and then apply a drop or two of oil to the bubble.


Apply a cold pack and then the oil as indicated for arthritis.

Light burns

The burns can be caused by flames, liquids and objects adhigh temperatures, but also from the sun and any other source ofUVA rays, such as tanning lamps. Wash the partinterested in cold water for quite a while. Then wait for someminute before adding a mixture of 5 drops of oil with ateaspoon of raw honey. Or a few drops of tea tree oildirectly on the affected area two or three times a day with onemoistened gauze, until there is improvementappreciable.

Corns, Duroni, Leeks and Warts

Massage the affected area with five drops of oil mix in a spoonof carrier oil / almond oil. Repeat twice a day, soto soften corns and calluses and facilitate removal.


Apply a drop or two of oil to the infected area with a cotton swab.

Chapped lips

Add a drop of oil to lip balm or coconut oil. Don't swallow it.

Flea bites

Apply a drop of oil to the bite.

Herpes Labialis

Put a drop or two of oil on a cotton ball or Q-tip (throw the cotton swab at each touch and do not take it directlyfrom the bottle, use the dropper so as not to contaminate the oil and sun exposure) applied directly on the part.


Create fumigations by adding 10 drops of oil to boiling water. Cover your head and breathe.


Add 10 drops of oil in your shampoo bottle. Shake well.Rub the shampoo with the addition of tea tree oil on yoursscalp and leave for 5 minutes. Rinse well.


Add 10 drops of oil to a tablespoon of carrier oil and massage the affected area. Repeat twice a day.

Dry skin

Add five drops of tea tree oil to a tablespoon of sweet almond oil. Gently massage.


Add 10 drops of oil in a tablespoon of seed or coconut oil egently massage on the affected areas. Repeat two or three timesper day.

As a flea remedy for dogs

Pay a few drops of tea tree diluted on the dog's collar in cadenceweekly. Don't do this on cats. If you decide to use it on thecollar of your dog, always use a low concentration oil ealways dilute it. Never put it directly in contact with theskin.


Add 10 drops of oil totwo tablespoons of carrier oil / almond oil. Massage the areaaffected 2-3 times a day.

Lice and fleas

The tea tree oil is effective in the prevention and treatment oflice infestations. To prevent infestations it is very useful impregnate the comb with a few drops of oil and comb. In case of infestation add 20 drops of oil to two tablespoons of shampoo.Massage the scalp and hair and leave on for 10minutes. Rinse. Repeat three or four times a day, untildisappearance of the eggs. Or Add 15-20 drops to a tablespoon ofolive oil, leave on the hair for 1 hour, thenmake the shampoo (indicated the shampoo with Tea Tree Oil).


Add 10 drops of oil to four tablespoons of witch hazel. Apply with a cotton swab.


Mix purified water with a few drops of tea tree oil. Don't swallow the solution at all!

Immune system

Spray a little tea tree oil throughout the house regularly, and massage the soles of the feet to improve the immune response.


Massage into the inflamed areas, following the direction of the heart.

Ingrown hair

Put 1-2 drops of oil on ingrown hair. Repeat every two hours or until the infection goes away.

Anti-insect spray

Add 15 drops in a quarter cup of water, mix in a containerequipped with a spray and use on the body as an insect repellent.

For linen

Add a teaspoon or two of tea tree oil to the laundry to help prevent mold.

Mold removal

Combine two teaspoons of three tea oil with two cups of water to create auniversal cleaner for the treatment of mold and mildew. Shake well the bottle before use. Spray on the affected surface elet it dry. Do not rinse.

Mosquito bites, horseflies, midges, spiders, mites, ticks

Apply a few drops of oil directly on the affected area or withthe help of gauze, several times during the day, up todisappearance of itching. To keep insects away instead: put 4 or 5 drops in the water of a ceramic or metal essence burner.

To ward off ants

Ants don't like tea tree oil. For this, put a few drops on the door to act as a deterrent.


Mix 10 drops of oil in a tablespoon of carrier oil and massage the affected areas. Repeat two or three times a day.


Unite 10 drops of oil in a tablespoon of carrier oil / almond oil emassage the part. Do this two or three times a day.


Use it for fumigations, as described above.

Cleaning the toothbrush

Put a few drops of oil on your toothbrush once or twice a week to kill bacteria.


Add a few drops of tea tree oil in steaming water, add atowel over your head and lean over the solution to inhale.You can also gargle: always without swallowing the solution

Vaginal infection

Add a few drops of the water you wash with. In case of irritationstop using the oil and wash the area with clean hot water. The Tea tree oil is useful in case of vaginal infections, both for washingexternal, both for internal douching (for vaginal douching 5 drops in 250 ml of previously boiled cold water)

Viral infections

Spread tea tree oil throughout the house. Alternatively, inhale with vapors.


Apply the undiluted oil on the wart. Repeat morning and evening, untilwhen the wart starts to go away. Dilute with base oil ifyou have sensitive skin.

Hygiene of the mouth and teeth

When there is inflammation of the gums, redness of the throat, etc.,using 15-20 drops in half a glass of water for rinsing egargling.

Rhinitis, sinusitis, colds

Yes recommend dissolving 4/5 drops of tea tree oil in boiling water for carry out suffimiges or apply the oil directly under the nostrilsseveral times a day

Aphthous stomatitis and candidiasis of the oral cavity

The tea tree fights many infections of the oral mucosa, including canker sores and mycosis in general.
For infections of the mouth or throat are advised to performrinse with 4-5 drops of tea tree in a glass of water, stirringwell, or preferably in 20 drops of propolis or a little honey. (Do not ingest)

Dental abscess

Apply a few drops directly to the abscess 3 times a day.

Mycosis (including interdigital and nail mycosis)

In in these cases, it is recommended to apply oil applicationsconcentrated tea tree essential, two to three times a day,massaging thoroughly to allow one spread and oneconcentration of the effective oil in the tissue, until it disappears of the infection.

Milk crust

Add5-6 drops of Tea Tree Oil with a little olive oil, apply onscalp and massage. Keep out of sight.

Nervous System

Also if used mainly for physical ailments, the Tea Tree worksalso toning the nervous system in case of tiredness, fatiguemental, inertia, tendency to depression, especially in subjects withweakened organic defenses and with an immunological depression. The oilessential tea tree with its strong and pungent aroma it would seemfavor the individual's reactive abilities.

Redness, irritation, itchy skin, sun and shaving or diaper rashes

Thanks due to its refreshing and soothing properties, tea tree oil is usedas an adjunct in these cases. It is recommended to mix the tea treeoil with almond oil and apply the mixture obtained directly on the affected areas and it is recommended to stop for a fewday exposure to the sun.

Inflamed, painful and red gums

Use as a mouthwash or applied directly to the affected area,tea tree oil brings great benefit in case of rednessgums and burns of the oral cavity. Dilute 2/3 drops in a glassof water and rinse several times during the day.

Nail and skin disorders

Where the nails show discoloration or microfractures, we recommendapply a couple of drops on the affected areas, several times during the day, massaging gently until completely absorbed

House cleaning

This oil is also used in house cleaning. Diluted in water e sprayed on mirrors, handles, glass surfaces, windows,furniture, kitchen tables and bathroom fixtures can foster an environmentperfectly disinfected.
- floors: pour 15 drops of teatree oil in a bucket of water, combining 1 glass of baking soda and 15drops of a scented essence
- laundry: add 10 drops of tea tree oil to the laundry to disinfect and sterilize it
- dishwasher: add 10 drops of tea tree oil to disinfect and sterilize dishes
- environment: add a few drops in the humidifiers of the radiators or in the room diffusers &

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Package 10ml
Ingredients Melaleuca alternifolia oil
How to use
Warnings For outdoor use only to be diluted before use on skin The tips described here are just tips, always stick to any medical prescriptions.

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