Strong anti-aging, anti-stain, purifying, velvety, illuminating, restructuring action - BIO snail serum BIO 1Elisir

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Organic antiage facial Serum Snail Slime provides a multi-action treatment, not only dermoplastic, soothing, moisturizing, cleansing, moisturizing, firming and energizing, but above specific anti-aging, anti-radical, skin-protecting, lightening, smoothing, revitalizing and restructuring.

Indicated for preventive purposes, to maintain in a condition eudermic all skin types, that for a direct intensive intervention for mature skins, stressed or with early signs of aging, characterized by sagging skin, lack of firmness and presence furrows, lentigo, etc.

Gelled solution, non-alcoholic or oily, fresh and melting to the touch, thanks to its formula based on precious Snail Slime , it is also ideal for restoring tone, vitality and freshness to sensitive skin, dehydrated and ipolipiche, who are losing (or, worse, have lost) the condition of well-being as a result of endogenous phenomena, linked to the type of the same or skin aging, induced by exposure to exogenous or more different factors of stress (make-up, smoke, atmospheric agents, UV treatments).

Serum Snail Slime can also be used as Eye contour.

Extraction of snail slime takes place in a completely natural way by passing the snails in rough stones, thus not cause discomfort or damage.

BIO Organic Product Certified by BIOCERTITALIA
Product details
Package 30ml
Ingredients Snail secretion filtrate*, glycerin, aqua, aloe barbadensis leaf juice*, hydroxyethylcellulose, benzyl alcohol, dehydroacetic acid, parfum *from certified organic agriculture
How to use
Mode of use Do first of all a thorough cleaning of the face with Cleansing Milk and Tonic and apply a portion of the SERUM anti-aging under and around the eyes, on the neck and on all areas of the face subject to the formation of wrinkles. Massage with light movements from the inside towards the outside, following the natural skin folds. Avoid that the serum be in contact with the eyes.
Warnings Do not apply the serum snail slime near mouth, eyes, or mucous intimate areas; should this happen accidentally, rinse thoroughly and repeatedly with a sponge soaked in cold water removing any residue of product applied.

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