Cook food in a HEALTHY and NATURAL way thanks to the benefits of Himalayan pink salt - Natural square plate 100% Himalayan salt

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Alimentary plate of pink Himalayan salt

Food plate to cook foods in a HEALTHY and NATURAL way, giving them all the benefits of pink Himalayan salt

Choose the plate of salt you prefer for shape and size, with or without the support.

USE of the food salt plate

Salt has the ability to retain heat for a long time, so you will obtain perfect and uniform cooking without the risk of burning the food.

Table cooking : if you want to cook in front of your guests, heat the plate in the oven at 250 ° for an hour, bring it to the table by placing it on a special support and place the food to be cooked on it, without salting it . The plate will remain hot for at least 20 minutes , as the temperature drops it will be suitable for cooking different foods.

At the end of cooking you can use the plate as a serving tray.

Baking in the oven : Heat the oven to 150 ° with inside the plate. When it is hot, place the food on top, always without adding salt, and let it cook until cooked.

Cooking on the fire : place the plate inside the special metal support and place on the stove at low heat. The stone will be heated for about 15/20 minutes before being able to cook the food.

Cooking on the barbecue : prepare your barbecue normally and once brought to the optimum temperature, place the plate of pink salt on the grill. Bring to temperature and put on top of the food, even spicy, that you want to cook. Remember not to salt!

In the case of cold dishes, or even ice cream, placing the plate in the freezer allows you to have a cold dish that keeps the food at optimal freshness.

How to clean the salt plate

To clean the plate of pink Himalayan salt, simply use bicarbonate and a damp classic kitchen sponge. Never use detergents or chemicals because the soleplate is natural and must remain so for give the best of its features.

Product details
Package Plate of pink Himalayan food salt shape: square 20x20cm height: 4cm
Advice To clean the plate of Himalayan pink salt, simply use bicarbonate and a damp classic kitchen sponge. Never use detergents or chemical agents because the soleplate is natural and must remain so to give its maximum characteristics.

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