Dona calma e serenità. Ideale per chi desidera energia positiva emanata da questo cristallo - Lampada di Selenite - Naturale da 25cm

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Selenite natural electric lamp

100% Natural Selenite lamp, complete with electrical socket and bulb

The name of this crystal comes from Selene, the moon goddess according to Greek mythology.
In fact, the color of this stone tends to white, has a high level of transparency and reflects a light similar to that of the moon.

Selenite is related to emotions, feelings and woman.

This stone is made of crystallized plaster and is used when there is a need for support during periods of change.

The energy that emits with strong intensity infuses peace in its owner, also stimulating the functionality of the crown chakra. Among all the known crystals, selenite is among those that have a greater ability to put us in contact with the angelic kingdom and with their own spirit guides and divine protectors.

Selenite also improves the development of telepathic abilities between two individuals who have a similar way of thinking. It is also believed that the information can be stored inside the crystal, and that it can subsequently be taken by another person through contact with it.

Benefits for the body

In general, prolonged contact with this crystal has beneficial effects for the muscular system, making it stronger and less subject to stress, as well as more flexible than normal. It improves some disorders related to the skeletal system, sometimes caused by incorrect muscle work.

It is also used to eliminate all the blocks that prevent the flow of energy, in whole or in part, from flowing through the body, in particular it manages to channel high-frequency energy and engage it in the parts of the body that need it most.

Benefits for the spirit

Selenite is the ideal stone for meditation as it stimulates the connection with the divine world (7th chakra) and allows us to bring our spirit closer to the higher realm, especially to the angels. Establishing a connection with one's guardian angel means strengthening the spirit, and the possibility of availing oneself of his guide to free himself from adverse situations and proceed on the path of life along the right path.

The presence of a selenite lamp facilitates the opening of the energy center, in particular the heart chakra, from which feelings of clarity and inner serenity derive, as well as deep union with the Universe.

It is widely used to eliminate all negative energies, also stimulating an awareness of our inner being. It also promotes reflection on our life and on events that have taken place, resulting in continuous spiritual growth, and for this reason it is a stone whose use is also very suitable during meditation sessions, acting as a guide in the introspective path.

Benefits for the mind

Selenite manages to store thoughts and events within its matter and as a result it is equally capable of expanding the wisdom of those who carry it by connecting them with the ancient knowledge trapped inside the stone itself.

It also has a more practical benefit, which consists in improving mental abilities thanks to which we reason about what surrounds us, dampening the confusion created by problems related to "attention deficit", a feature present in many people who struggle to focus on what requires a good level of mental dedication.

Selenite is considered the stone of change.

Benefits for emotions

The high-frequency calming energy that this crystal emits acts directly on the most confusing emotional states, making them less strong, thus giving the individual great stability against mood swings. It also eliminates all those moods that negatively affect everyday life, such as the feeling of jealousy that often occurs in the lives of many people with sometimes devastating effects.

It also helps to observe situations from an external point of view and from the internal fulcrum, allowing you to regulate emotions as a result of a clearer and more complete picture of the facts.

It is a perfect stone to be used by those who allow themselves to be guided by rigid patterns, from which they always try to organize every moment of their lives by losing spontaneity.

The soft and relaxing light of the Selenite lamps gives the home environment an atmosphere of calm and serenity. These objects are ideal for those who love meditation but also for those who want to let themselves be carried away by the positive energy emanating from this crystal.


  • To sleep well - Promotes peaceful and clarifying sleep. It is a predominantly nocturnal stone and its energies at this stage of the day are more powerful than ever. Keep the Selenite lamp in the bedside table near the bed
  • Freeing the house from negative energies - Position the lamp in the corners of the house to free it from unwanted energies and to always have a safe and shielded environment.


Purify and charge it
Selenite cannot be immersed in water. Remember that it is partially soluble and dipping it means ruining it. You can let it rest on a quartz druse or, perform a reiki treatment on it. The ideal is to charge it with lunar energy, then leave it outside all moonlit night.

Product details
Package Selenite electric lamp with a height of 25cm including: 1 One bulb 15-25W E14 230-240V electric cable with structure for light bulb The size of the Selenite lamp should be chosen based on the benefit that is required. The larger the lamp, the greater the benefit emanated. The articles are marked with dimensions that are purely indicative, each lamp is completely unique. The material is a natural resource and is not artificially colored and therefore can be lighter or darker than that in photography.

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