Benefits for skin and joints, memory and learning, meditation and self-discipline. Fluorite heart pendant

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Heart pendant of FLUORITE

Crystal Therapy

Always carry the Natural benefits of Fluorite with you thanks to these beautiful heart-shaped pendants,
complete with rubber cord (or chain - optional)
therefore suitable for both women and men, from young people to the elderly

FLUORITE - Element: Fire - concerns the sphere of energy and male strength (courage, will, purification, conquest).

FLUORITE - Chakra: Sixth "Ajna" (third eye)

Benefits of Fluorite

- Mythology of Fluorite -
Fluorite is a fairly common mineral composed of calcium fluoride. The most important deposits are of magmatic origin.
The name derives from the Latin fluere , “ blend ”, and is known as “ fluid spato " since the mid-18th century: it was not considered a real mineral as it was easily flaky and the adjective fluid was added because its bright appearance reminded that of molten glass. < br> It is no coincidence that fluorite, together with quartz and colored glass, was used as a substitute for precious stones already in ancient Greece. exposed to ultraviolet rays it presents the phenomenon of fluorescence , a phenomenon that takes its name from this material.

- Effect on the body of Fluorite -
The Fluorite stone:

  • stimulates the regeneration of the skin and of the mucous membranes
  • helps the absorption of calcium and therefore strengthens teeth and bones
  • indicated in case of problems with articulations and stiffness in general, including those related to arthritis
  • relieves disorders in case of allergy of psychosomatic origin
  • favors the activity of the nervous system , in particular that of the brain
  • useful for those with disorders of memory , sense of disorientation and < span style = "font-weight: bold;"> lack of concentration

- Fluorite effect on the psyche -

The Fluorite:

  • promotes freedom of thought and pushes the individual to don't compromise and not to be influenced by external influences for the realization of one's life
  • helps to restructure one's existence and to reach a condition of autonomy and emotional stability
  • instills confidence and dissolves mental confusion
  • favors the learning by stimulating the perception of relationships between things and the re-elaboration of information, therefore the logical-cognitive faculty of the subject
  • align the body to the mind and bring the mind in tune with the spirit is the real talent of this stone
  • encourages to channel the energies of meditation and of prayer on the ground plane
  • stimulates creativity and fantasy
  • facilitates contact with one's unconscious and makes one aware of repressed feelings by making them emerge gradually
  • useful for overcoming dependencies , fixed ideas , limiting thinking and behavior
  • develops the self-discipline and the sense of order , the < span style = "font-weight: bold;"> concentration and rooting
  • keeps the person's vital energy at a high level of openness

- How to use Fluorite -

Fluorite can be discharged after use under running water.
To obtain lasting effects on the spiritual level it is recommended to always carry fluorite with you in close contact with the skin or apply it on the affected area for physical therapy.
To strengthen the sense of order , groups of fluorite crystals can be placed in the environment: their presence reminds the mind to stay focused and helps to organize the work.
During the meditation , a pyramid of fluorite is useful to go deeper inside oneself in search of balance between the dimensions of being, allowing to see the reality behind the illusion, the eternal behind the transitory, the truth beyond confusion.

The charms will be shipped in an elegant bag

Benefits and other properties given are for information only and should not be used to replace medicines or treatments

Product details
Package Package consisting of: 1 2.5cm Fluorite heart with rubber cord (or chain - optional) 1 elegant bag (or in box - optional)
How to use
Mode of use The material is a natural resource and is not artificially colored and therefore can be lighter or darker than that in photography. To obtain visible effects on the physical and spiritual plane, it is recommended to wear the pendant in close contact with the skin at heart level. After days of use, it is advisable to drain the pendant from the absorbed energies, placing it under running water

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