Element: FIRE - 7th chakra - Rock Crystal / Quartz heart pendant to godere all its physical, psychic and emotional benefits

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Heart pendant of QUARTZ - rock crystal

Crystal Therapy

Always carry the Natural benefits of Quartz (rock crystal) with you thanks to these beautiful heart-shaped pendants,
complete with rubber cord (or chain - optional)
therefore suitable for both women and men, from young to old

QUARTZ - Element: Fire - concerns the sphere of energy and masculine strength (courage, will, purification, conquest)
QUARTZ - Chakra: Seventh "Sahasrara" (crown)

Benefits of Rock Crystal

- Mythology of Quartz crystal -

Rock crystal derives from the Greek chrystallos which means “clear ice”. In fact, the ancient Greeks believed that rock crystal was solidified ice and due to its connection with water it was used to magically rain in many parts of the Pacific Ocean.
It has always been considered a mineral with powers. magical and therapeutic, which was used to drive out demons and diseases and to infuse strength and energy. Since the Middle Ages, the spheres of this material were thought to have hypnotic and divinatory properties and were used to predict the future

- Effect on the body -

Quartz is associated with everything related to the heart, on a physical and emotional level:

    • revitalizes numb, cold and rigid areas
    • rebalances brain functions
    • strengthens the nerves
    • stimulates the glands
    • stimulates the circulation of the blood
    • infuses energy
    • attenuates the fever , the headache and the nausea
    • soothes pain , especially in the teeth
    • helps eliminate stress and tensions
    • promotes the elimination of toxins

    - Effect on the psyche -

    The Quartz crystal:

    • makes you sincere and impartial
    • strengthens the ability to understand others and, at the same time, to affirm one's own deeper nature
    • simplifies and illuminates thought
    • stimulates the individual to know himself
    • generates the purest energy that will be given to us if, simply, we are in tune with it
    • is the stone that guides towards clarity
    • powerful conductor of energy that illuminates its owner
    • brings harmony, joy and serenity
    • has universal strength
    • helps meditation

    - How to use the Quartz -
    The rock crystal can be discharged after use under running water.
    To obtain lasting effects on both the physical and spiritual levels, it is recommended to place it on the painful part or to always carry it with you in close contact with the skin.
    In this way, the crystal will give balance to our energies, will remove the blocks , there will protect and will discharge onto itself the negative tensions that are us and those of those around us, while a large tip or a druze will protect us and our home by purifying the environment.

    The charms will be shipped in an elegant bag

    Benefits and other properties given are for information only and should not be used to replace medicines or treatments

    Product details
    Package Package consisting of: 1 pendant with Quartz heart stone (2.5cm) 1 elegant bag If you prefer you can also choose the ear of the box
    How to use
    Mode of use The material is a natural resource and is not artificially colored and therefore can be lighter or darker than that in photography. After a few days of use, it is advisable to discharge the absorbed energy from the stone, placing it under running water

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