Does scare you the idea of having "unwanted guests" in hair of your children?

Although the idea of taking lices is really scary, in truth they are no longer so terrible and especially simple precautions are enough to win the war easily.

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A few precautions will help prevent. Teach your children the importance of notshare certain items with others such as :

  • Hats
  • Bandanas
  • Pillows
  • Combs
  • Contact

Any other object that may come into contact with the other's head.

Lices are frequent in school or during summer camps.
We recommend not to use chemical sprays, are not effective against lice andmay be more harmful than good, especially if inhaled oringested accidentally.
During the school year, avoids shampoo or scented balms; attract more lice.

Here you will find some products with Natural remedies that can help in the fight and prevention of lices

Lice are terrible to be defeated, but small steps and natural remedies will help you win the battle and prevent the reappearance

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