Bath Derivative

Practice of the bath derivative consists in refresh with cold water the lower part of the two folds of the groin on eachside, both in man and in the woman.

It is a natural and free method that allows to expel from the body wastes and surpluses responsible for a long series of illnesses.

What is this technique and how it works?

It is based on hydrotherapy, which is known for its enormous therapeutic benefits since the dawn of civilization. Hydrotherapy exclusively uses water to ease pain, increase mobility, ease symptoms, and generally improve the overall functioning of the body. It includes many techniques with hot or cold water, and sometimes alternating both, to stimulate reactions of the body.

Hydrotherapy is a powerful tool to support the potential of body healing.

Activates circulation and it can be used to direct blood directly into any part of the body, or to make it retract.

In According to Kuhne, il calore del corpo (generato dal movimento, la digestione, stress, shock ecc ...) spinge i grassi depositati e le tossine dallo stomaco e dall'intestino verso la periferia del corpo dove non possono più essere eliminate. Il principio di funzionamento dei bagni derivativi è quello di rinfrescare il centro del corpo (l'inguine) per 10 minuti al giorno o più, a seconda della condizione iniziale ed i risultati che si intendono perseguire. Questo processo crea una vibrazione nella fascia (il tessuto connettivo che copre tutti gli organi interni), che accelera l'eliminazione delle tossine e dei grassi.

Therapeutic Advantages

  • It appeals to the groin area: One of the areas of the body with the highest concentration of nerves. From here his positive effect on mood, sleep and energy
  • In this area also pass the main arteries, and the technique significantly increases blood circulation, elimination and digestion
  • Directly stimulate the sacral plexus that governs sexual energy and reproductive organs. Helps to regulate the menstrual cycle, and has been used by Louis Kuhne to treat impotence
  • It is also helpful to solve the low levels of libido and menopausal symptoms.

Baths derivative functions

The primary function of Bath Derivative is to help the body, through an internal thermal reaction to eliminate toxins and excess fat.

To Obtain:

  • a proportioned body
  • tonic
  • healthy
  • restful sleep
  • a good mood,
  • efficient digestion
  • smooth skin
  • more energy
You really need to spend a minimum of 10 minutes a day to cool the groin area with the Baths Derivative

You must ensure that the rest of the body remains hot (to ensure the essential thermal reaction).

Do not be fooled by the simplicity of derivative baths taking them lightly because of their simplicity, try them and will experience tremendous benefits, often after a week.

Hydrotherapy, therapeutic benefits to relieve pain, increase mobility, improve well-being - Derivative baths

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