You can buy all our products
doing a simple sign in as Customer .

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  1. Find the products you want to order and click on the button BUY to add it into a cart of your virtual shopping
  2. In case you are undecided about which product to order between some similar, you can take advantage of the function COMPARE  with the button on the affected products to compare in a single page informations and descriptions of the different products and choose what to order
  3. On our site you will always find several products discounted, then before concluding the order maybe peek at offers in this week and Grab the opportunity
  4. If you want to buy the products and try others, remember to add in the order even some tester of our products
  5. In the page of your cart you can also enter any discount codes or gift voucher so that the amount will be deducted from your order
  6. Conclude your order product going again on the button BUY. You will then confirm the shipping and billing address (check that these are correct), choose the DELIVERY METHOD with shipping charges (if provided), your favorite method of payment and any comments for the order where you can specify many record and information that will be helpful for the delivery of the package (different phone number, favorite day for delivery, etc ..) .

  7. If you have found a product that interests you but you can not order it right now, you can select it by placing it in the wishlist  with the heart button  having all the products that you like to hand for your future orders
  8. You will receive your package at your home, or wherever you want, in 24/48H from the payment date, with inside always a welcome gift

If you want news about your order, before contacting us check the current status directly online because we will update step by step up to the state of COMPLETED .

When the package is shipped, our courier will send an email to the customer with the link and traceability code of the package to be able to follow and know exactly what day is to take place. Usually it is delivered in 24 hours in most of Italy (excluding Campania, Puglia and Islands).

In case of doubts or problems when ordering or after order is placed, you can contact us via email, by phone or instant chat.

But there is more

We are sure you will appreciate our products at the point of talking about it spontaneously with friends. To thank you for this, if you want, you can at any time take part in our project actively becoming AFFILIATE ESTETICAELAVORO. It is a simple activity that you can do from home and you will earn credits each time a person sent by you in our online store, make an order, and you can use this credit to deducted it from your personal orders (thus turning them into save) or accumulating for them to become a real extra Gain that we will pour into your account.

More information about this opportunity you will find on the page Work with us as Affiliate >>

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