Working from home withAffiliate

  To evaluate how much to earn our affiliates we put ourselves in their shoes.

  Knowing well classic Affiliate, that knows so much freedom but lower salaries,
and Network Marketing, which guarantees an excellent career plan (but unfortunately statistics show that only a few manage to reach the summit),
we wanted to create an original and innovative Affiliate Program!

Affiliate's task can be summarized as a broker, an intermediary, which becomes a link between one of his friends or virtual contact and our e-commerce.

affiliazone guadagni esteticaelavoro

Through the tools that we put at your disposal, Affiliate can easily make known to his contacts (throughout Italy and Europe), our online store.

To help you with this new activity we offer you for FREE:

  • Link with unique code-  to be promoted on Social Network accompanying it with a personal message
  • Banner advertising - to join in your personal web site or blog
  • Short link that redirects to the homepage (example: ) - to be able to easily remember and write/send quickly


Earnings that we reserve you

For every order placed by your customers/stores we reserve you a Gain of:

  • 20% on all 1Elisir product on your first level (your direct customers)
  • 7%   on all 1Elisir product on your second level (sub-affilates and their customers personal orders)
  • 3%   on all 1Elisir product on your third level (  //  )

  • 10% on all NOT 1Elisir product on your first level (your direct customers)

  • 10% on orders of shop/dropshipping/professionals that you directly register (first level)
  • 4% on orders of shop/dropshipping/professionals that your sub-affiliate registered (second level)
  • 1% on orders of shop/dropshipping/professionals that your second level sub-affiliate registered (third level)

guadagno affiliazione esteticaelavoro affiliati

Your personal orders

As our affiliate you can buy ALL products of our e-commerce as first Customer of yourself.

As soon as you register on our site and your account is activated as an Affiliate, the system automatically splits into 2 accounts (Customer and Affiliate) and place your customer account under the Affiliate Account. So YOU as an affiliate will have in the first level your Customer account. This will allow you Earning the % on the first level even on your personal orders.

sconti affiliato esteticaelavoro

In summary: Affiliate ..

  • Will Buy products for personal use with an instant discount of up to 33%  based on the amount of the order
  • Will earn immediately on the same order the 10% or 20% depending on the purchased products (expected compensation for the first level - see above)
  • At time of order will also be deducted all or part of the gain accumulated up to that point, to get an additional discount or even get them to buy the products for free (no cost).

Discounts and earnings are calculated on taxable, so excluding VAT.


Affiliate Marketing

To find out the details of the opportunity
we recommend you read the following pages:

ADVANTAGES for Affiliate
FREE registration without investments!

You will have a personal link available for each page, to create posts and publish them in various social networks

Purchase with a discount products for personal consumption
In a few moments you can share the link and create your own post, and you can also do it from your mobile phone, wherever you are!< br> Earn immediately a very high % on orders, made and procured
Earnings on orders derived from your direct and indirect word of mouth

The fee will be immediately available and you can transfer it and deduct it as an immediate discount on your personal order
When the accumulated earnings exceed €150 you can ask us for a credit
You will receive e-mails for each direct registration
You will receive e-mails for every order placed by your TEAM
You will not have to anticipate and deliver the products directly, but it is strategic to register them as Customers, < b>we will follow us in everything, facilitating your work, they will pay us directly and we will ship the products to their home
We will also follow the contacts interested in starting as Affiliates. You will then have more time for your hobbies and family