How is Affiliate work

Our experience comes from Network Marketing. Our TEAM persons in charge of sales we have covered almost all over Italy

and the work performed, and all the support given, allowed us to start climbing towards the peak of the career in Network Marketing.

It was a beautiful journey that has also grown in us a new awareness, the Network Marketing is ideal for people who has qualities of a true leader, great motivator and good seller of products and opportunities. However, statistically only 2 in 1000 Networker, unfortunately, can emerge and earn with dignity as first job to support his family.

Based on our experience we wanted to create a new work situation that would combine the advantages of Network Marketing to that of Affiliation.

Our Affiliate will promote web site both online, using the tools that we provide for free (links, banners,  with the custom short links, etc ..), that by talking to friends, acquaintances, colleagues and family, and commercial activities in everyday life (offline).

Clearly all the word of mouth activity by the Affiliate will turn into a earning on time and dignified.

Usually the affiliate is carried out only through banners be included in own website and blog, and is recognized a gain ranging from 5% up to a maximum of 15% (that only very few companies recognize). Most affiliations does not recognize the franchisee even a discount on their purchases.

We want to give a strong motivation to Affiliates and make them earn immediately, offering them  free and modern tools  which allow them to make the most of their potential.

When the affiliate promotes online and offline our site we recognize a gain of 10/20% (depending on the products) on all orders of its direct customers, up to 30% because even earn on orders placed by their sub-affiliates.

When the Affiliate directly records a commercial activity  as a customer (selling in his store our product line "1Elisir"), will gain from the start at 10% on the orders placed, up to 15% if it was recorded by a Sub-Affiliate.

EsteticaeLavoro Affiliate will:

  • promote products to encourage contacts to make your orders,
  • promote the opportunity to work as an affiliate


Affiliate MARIO promotes products and for each order that comes from its direct customers (1st level) in the site will receive a gain of 10/20%.

When MARIO does also know the job opportunities and & nbsp; makes enroll to work MARIA (then becomes its sub-affiliate of 1st level), MARIO also earn 7% of income for each order placed in the site by customers of Maria (2nd level) and 3% on the 3rd level of depth.

guadagno affiliazione esteticaelavoro affiliati

Affiliate will insert countless clients and countless sub-affiliates, and from this will depend on its real gain.

Our STAFF will help the Affiliate:

  • following all customers, providing support and responding to requests for information before, during and after the expedition
  • will help sub-affiliates in case need more details to understand the work or have problems
  • also provides the NewsLetter service, for free, to inform and keep up to date all customers and Affiliates about offers, promotions, last entered products, last published recommendations..
Affiliate must, then, only commit to intrigue and encourage its contacts so that they enter in our e-commerce, at least as they register as customers because are interested in the products and / or at work.

Affiliate order

Affiliate may purchase the products as a client of itself  and:

  • will be recognized an immediate discount of up to 33%  (on the amount of the order)
  • will be able to earn on his own order a 10% or 20% for the 1st level
  • When ordering will be able to also scale all or part of the accumulated earning.

All this to guarantee our staff to do the job with passion knowing directly the products that promote.

sconti affiliato esteticaelavoro

Affiliate Marketing

To find out the details of the opportunity
we recommend you read the following pages:

ADVANTAGES for Affiliate
FREE registration without investments!

You will have a personal link available for each page, to create posts and publish them in various social networks

Purchase with a discount products for personal consumption
In a few moments you can share the link and create your own post, and you can also do it from your mobile phone, wherever you are!< br> Earn immediately a very high % on orders, made and procured
Earnings on orders derived from your direct and indirect word of mouth

The fee will be immediately available and you can transfer it and deduct it as an immediate discount on your personal order
When the accumulated earnings exceed €150 you can ask us for a credit
You will receive e-mails for each direct registration
You will receive e-mails for every order placed by your TEAM
You will not have to anticipate and deliver the products directly, but it is strategic to register them as Customers, < b>we will follow us in everything, facilitating your work, they will pay us directly and we will ship the products to their home
We will also follow the contacts interested in starting as Affiliates. You will then have more time for your hobbies and family